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Evaluation of QC Package

01. Smear: For staining and report 5 Marks

  • One mark will be deducted for each feature that is missed like pus cells, epithelial cells and if report is not given;
  • 3 marks are assigned for type(s) of micro-organisms.

02. Culture: Identification up to species 7 marks

  • Minus one if only genus is reported.
  • For Sensitivity 5 marks – One mark each for 5 specified antibiotics. When zone diameters are too large or too small for any particular organism, comments are given, but no marks are reduced as long as interpretation is correct.
  • When identification is wrong, the susceptibility is NOT evaluated.

03. Serology: Results with correct report - 8 marks

  • Only result and no cut off or report -  No marks

Decisions of – EQAS subcommittee, executive committee, General body of IAMM

  1. Participation fee will be increased to Rs.3000/- ( Rupees Three Thousand only) per year from 2015 onwards.
  2. The decision of the Co-coordinators regarding evaluation of the QC package is final. They have taken the decision after confirmation of the organism’s identification both phenotypically and genotypically.
  3. Any discussion regarding the above will be entertained through the following mail ID
  4. All vials are repeatedly tested after lyophilisation for viability and purity. If any laboratory reports as ‘non-viable’, they will be marked negatively for this.
  5. Any report received after the date of evaluation fixed by the co-ordinators will not be included for the same. However, this will be included for eligibility for participation certificate.

Dr. Mary V Jesudason & Dr. K. Lily Therese / Dr. J. Malathi
Joint EQAS Co-ordinators.