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Professor& Head, Microbiology Department
Sub: External quality assessment scheme in Microbiology under the Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists. (IAMM-EQAS)

Dear Doctor,
At the General Body meeting held on October 28, 2006, it was decided that IAMM EQAS is being conducted from 2007 onwards. You are hereby invited to participate in this programme. I am sure you will agree with us that this is an essential part of any laboratory service. The proposed programme would entail your receiving 4 packages per year (quarterly) namely January, April, July and October. Each package would contain:

1. A fixed smear for the participating laboratory to stain and give a report on.

2. A lyophilized culture of an organism (bacterium/fungus) to be identified and antibiogram reported for bacterial culture for specified antimicrobial agents.

3. A specimen of serum to carry out a specific serological procedure and to report.

We will review the reports from all participating laboratories and let you know your standing at the end of each distribution as well as a cumulative one at the end of the year in the form of a scatter plot. When we tabulate the results from all participating laboratories, each laboratory is identified by the unique code number. Only you will know your own code number: no other laboratory will know it. The reimbursement of cost of materials for each participant laboratory would be RS.3000/- per year to be sent as DD to IAMM-EQAS Co-ordinators Dr. Mary V Jesudason, Dr. K.Lily Therese & Dr. J. Malathi, L&T Microbiology Research Centre, 41, College road, Chennai, drawn in favour of IAMM-EQAS payable at Chennai, the service of our staff and their technical assistance are free of charge.

Before we commence the programme, we would like your feedback in the attached questionnaire. Based on this and your willingness to be a participant in this QA programme, we shall let you know further details. Please note that if you wish so you can withdraw from the programme at any time. The participation is purely voluntary, and your suggestions and comments are always welcome.

We request you to return the , duly filled in questionnaire to us.
Please designate a contact person with designation with whom we can have further correspondence and to whom (the name of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory) QC packages may be addressed/ sent. Kindly include the contact E-mail ID and mobile number also.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mary V Jesudason & Dr. K. Lily Therese / Dr. J. Malathi
Joint EQAS Co-ordinators

Dr. H.N. Madhavan