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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Name and Postal Address of the Hospital

  1. What is the bed strength of your hospital?
  2. What is the average daily (working days) outpatient number?
  3. How many bacteriological tests do you handle in a week?
  4. Please give a break up of tests such as blood culture, urine culture, faeces cultures, CSF cultures, sputum smear for AFB, and other tests.
  5. How many serological tests do you handle in a week?
  6. List the different tests and average weekly numbers.
  7. Are you training students or participating in training programme(s)?
  8. If so, for what course or courses?
  9. Would you like to be a participant in the Microbiology external QC programme?
  10. If yes, circle what you would like to participate in:
    a. Smear
    b. Culture / Sensitivity
    c. Serology

Pick a tick mark fro the serological tests in which you would be able to participate from the list mentioned below.

Serological tests for

  1. Antibodies to HIV 1&2
  2. Antibodies to HCV
  3. HBs Ag test
  4. Widal test
  5. CRP
  6. RA Factor
  7. ASO
  8. RPR


All the participants are expected to perform the tests given in the questionnaire of each QC package. The participants should not report that the given staining method or the serology kit is not available/not done in their institution.If any exception, please do inform us in the questionnaire which you are going to fill up for the year 2015. In that case, only the total marks obtained will be given at the end of the year and the certificate with ‘scatter plot’ graph will not be given to you, as it is prepared for participants who had attempted all the questions for all the four QC packages in a year.