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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Scope for Iamm Eqas South Zone

Q1. Staining:

Gram staining/AFB staining/Leishman staining for Malarial parasites.

Q2. Culture:

General bacteriology ID (Manual/Automated) up to species level and antimicrobial susceptibility (Kirby Bauer/MIC method).

Q3. Serology:

  1. Antibodies to HIV 1&2
  2. Antibodies to HCV
  3. HBs Ag test
  4. Widal test
  5. CRP
  6. RA Factor
  7. ASO
  8. RPR

Note: The above is only a broad classification which is likely to be followed but does not limit the center in taking its decision without any prior information.