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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Department of Larsen & Toubro Ocular Pathology
Report on instrument status in pathology lab


Location – Work table

Ice flaker
Microfuge – Eppendorf
Water bath
Pipettes – 10ul, 200ul, 100ul, and 1000ul, 10ul (finnepette and Eppendorf)
Location – Instrument table
Hot air oven
Heat block
Centrifuge – REMI
Weighing balance
Ph meter
Pipettes – 200ul, 20ul, 200ul, 1000ul (Eppendorf and nichipet)
Location – cell culture lab
Centrifuge – REMI
CO2 incubator
Pipettes – Full set of Eppendorf (Path)
Pipettes – Full set of Eppendorf (Stem Cell)
Location – PCR room
Three thermal cyclers
Full set of Eppendorf pipettes
Location – RNA room
Eppendorf cooling centrifuge
Microfuge – Eppendorf
Pipettes – 1000ul and 20-200ul
Location – Post PCR room
WB apparatus – DR NC
Gel Doc
Microwave oven
DNA electrophoresis apparatus
Pipettes – 0.5-10ul, 20-200ul, 10-100ul, 2-10ul
Location – Cloning lab
Pippetes – 1ml, 200ul, 10ul (finnepett)
Location – dark room
WB apparatus
Pipettes – 200ul, 10ul and 100ul