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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Mailing List
  CVNet. Color and vision network.
  CorneaRefSurg. Refractive Surgery list. Restricted and moderated.
  EYEMOV-L. Eye movement discussion list. Open enrollment.
  EYENURSE. Ophthalmic Nurses' list. Send queries.
  EYEPLAST. Oculoplastics list. Restricted and moderated.
  EYETECHS. Ophthalmic medical personnel list. Open and moderated.
  Glaucoma-Net. Glaucoma list. Restricted and moderated.
  Kera-Net. Cornea list. Restricted and moderated.
  LensNet. Database of researchers specializing in lens and/or cataract research at both the basic science and clinical level.
  MYOPIA-NET. High myopia list. Open list.
  Medpicts. Discussion group re: medical images on the net. Open and moderated.
  NANOSNET. North American Neuro-ophthalmology Society list. Form based. Restricted and moderated.
  OOSNA-L. Orbit and Oculoplastic Society of North America Line. Leave subject blank. Command: SUB OOSNA-L "your e-mail address" without the quotes. Restricted and moderated.
  OPH-GEN. Ophthalmologenetics list.
  OPHTHAL. Clinical ophthalmology discussion group. Restricted and moderated. 520 members from 29 countries.
  OPRS-NET. Plastics list. Restricted and moderated.
  OPTIMAL. Ophthalmic photography. Open and moderated.
  PED-OPHTH. Pediatric Ophthalmology list. Restricted and moderated.
  RETINA-NET. Retina list. Open and moderated.
  RPLIST. Retinitis Pigmentosa and other degenerative retinal diseases list. Open list.
  Reticulum. Computers in medicine discussion group. Restricted and moderated.
  VISION-L. Vision research group. Open.
  WNEYE-L. Western New York Ophthalmology. Restricted and moderated.