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Sankara Nethralaya
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Cataract & IOL Surgery

Lens in the eye focuses light on the retina. Opacities of the lens are called cataract. Cataract may be present at birth or occur due to injury, but the most common cause is related to age (Senile Cataract) and is the reason for visual disability of the elderly.

Ophthalmic issues the dept. addresses

Sankara Nethralaya performed a total of 19,019 paid and 14,831 cost free cataract surgeries for year 2016 which includes a good number of patients operated at the Mobile Eye Surgical Unit (MESU). The center offers state-of-the-art small incision surgery with phacoemulsification and implantation of a foldable Intraocular Lens. Cataract surgery is also performed in combination with other surgeries like Glaucoma surgery, Corneal transplant and Vitreoretinal surgeries.

Premium IOLs like Aspheric IOL, Aspheric-with-blue light filtering IOLs, Toric IOLs and Multifocal IOLs are available at the institution.

Biometry : Ascan, IOL master
NdYag Laser
Centurion, Infinity & Signature Phaco emulsification Units
Fully equipped ophthalmic operation theaters
Wide range of Intra-ocular lenses, Endo-capsular ring and Scleral fixated IOL's
Director Dr. Prema Padmanabhan
Consultants Dr. Amala Elizabeth George
Dr. Ambika S
Dr. Amitabh Kumar (Kolkata)
Dr. Anand K C
Dr. Anindya Kishore Majumder (Kolkata)
Dr. Avirupa Ghose (Kolkata)
Dr. John Sarkar (Kolkata)
Dr. Kavitha Kalaivani Natarajan
Dr. Kumar Ravi (Kolkata)
Dr. Mamta Agarwal
Dr. Mayav J Movdawalla (Kolkata)
Dr. Meena Lakshmipathy
Dr. Mittal Shruti Rajendra (Kolkata)
Dr. Mona Bhargava (Kolkata)
Dr. Mona Khurana
Dr. Neha Shrirao Mehta (Kolkata)
Dr. Niveditha Narayanan
Dr. Parivadhini A
Dr. Parthapratim Dutta Majumder
Dr. Prakash Parimal (Kolkata)
Dr. Prashant Oberoi
Dr. Prashant Srivastava (Kolkata)
Dr. Prema Padmanabhan
Dr. Radhika N
Dr. Rajesh P S
Dr. Rama Rajagopal
Dr. Rathini Lilian David
Dr. Ravi Daulat Barbhaya (Kolkata)
Dr. Ronnie Jacob George
Dr. Shantha B
Dr. Sheth Siddharth Kamlesh (Kolkata)
Dr. Shikha Bassi
Dr. Shweta S Agarwal
Dr. Srikanth R
Dr. Sripriya Krishnamoorthy
Dr. Suchetana Mukherjee (Kolkata)
Dr. Suchitra Pradeep
Dr. Sudha K Ganesh
Dr. Sudharshan S
Dr. Sudhir R R
Dr. Sudipta Sahana (Kolkata)
Dr. Sujatha Guha (Kolkata)
Dr. Sumita Agarkar
Dr. Surajit Sen (Kolkata)
Dr. Sushmitha S
Dr. Trupti Sudhir Patil
Dr. Veena Baskaran
Dr. Vineet Ratra
Dr. Vishnu Vahan Prasan
Director - Cataract and IOL Surgery
Dr. Prema Padmanabhan
Sankara Nethralaya, JKCN Complex,
21, Pycrofts Garden Road,
Chennai 600 006.
Tel: 91-44-28233556, 28271616, 28311913
Extn: 2251