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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology
Academics PhD programme

Dr VL Ram Prasad
Genome Wide Linkage & Candidate Gene Analyses: Molecular Genetic Studies In Mendelian And Complex Ophthalmic Diseases. 2005

Dr. Biju Joseph
Cytogenetic, Mutation Detection, Methylation Status, Fragment Analysis of RB1 Gene and Phenotype Correlation in Retinoblastoma Patients from India. 2005

Dr. S Sripriya
Genetic Association Studies, Genome Wide Linkage Analysis and Mutation Screening in Primary Open Angle and Closed Angle Glaucomas. 2006

Dr. S Uthra
Diabetic Retinopathy: Genetic Association Studies of Candidate Genes in a South Indian Population-Based Cohort. 2008

Dr. J Madhavan
Gene expression quantification of candidate genes and retinal cell specific markers in humanretinoblastoma and its association with the phenotype of the disease. 2008

Dr. G Mamatha
Molecular Genetics of retinitis pigmentosa and Leber’s congenital amaurosis. 2009

Current PhD students

Ms. Vinita Kumari
Molecular Genetics of Diabetic retinopathy – genome wide association and candidate gene studies.

Ms.P.Ferdina Marie Sharmila
Gene mapping of ocular Quantitative trait loci