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Department of Microbiology
Professor & Director: Dr.H.N.Madhavan MD., Ph.D., FAMS. FIC Path
Professor & HOD: Dr. K. Lily Therese Ph.D
Reader: Dr. J.Malathi Ph.D
Lecturer: Dr. B. Mahalakshmi Ph.D
Staff Name Designation Qualification
Ms. R. Gayathri Junior Scientist MSMLT
Ms. M. Sowmiya Junior Scientist MSMLT
Ms. H. Anusha Junior Scientist MSMLT
Ms. M. Vimalin Jeyalatha Junior Scientist MSMLT
Ms. M. Revathy Senior Research fellow (ICMR Pneumocystis project) MSMLT
Ms. L. Dhanurekha Junior Research fellow (CWCF-MDR TB project) MSMLT
Ms. M. K. Janani Senior Research Fellow (ICMR EBV Project) MSMLT
Ms. A. Shabna Junior Research Fellow (DBT Project) MSMLT
Ms. E. Lavanya Mayura Priya Junior Scientist M.Sc (Applied Microbiology)
Ms. K. Mohanasundari Senior Executive M.Sc (Medical Microbiology)
Mr. K. Sathasivan Junior Executive B.Sc
Ms. A. Joicethalitha Senior lab technician MSMLT,DMLT,DCA,PGDHM, DECG
Ms. Y. Faritha Banu Lab Technician B.Sc, PGDMLT Senior Grade in Typewriting
Ms. H. Manjula Lab Technician M.Sc (Psychology), PGDMLT
Mr. M. Sasi Kumar Lab Technician B.Sc, DMLT
Ms. S. Salma Lab Technician B.Sc, PGDMLT
Mr. S. K. Balaji Lab Technician B.Sc, DMLT
Ms. A. Saranya Lab Technician B.Sc, DMLT
Ms. Nishi Rani Singha Lab Technician (ICMR project) B.Sc, PGDMLT
Ms. V. Parameswari Lab technician (IAMM EQAS) B.Sc, DMLT
Ms. S. Sangeetha Lab technician (IAMM EQAS) M.Sc, DMLT
Mr. A. Kamalavinayagam Lab technician (ICMR Project) B.Sc DMLT
Mr. Maniprakash Lab technician (CWCF Project) M.Sc, (Applied Microbiology)
Ms. U. Kokila Secretary B.Sc
Ms. P. Chitra Secretary
Mr. A. Subramanyam Lab attender  
Mr. G. Israel Lab attender