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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya
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Department of Larsen & Toubro Ocular Pathology
Research Projects - Glial Biology

Glial play major roles in disease progression. Dr. N. Chatterjee has initiated a project on astrocytes and its effects on neuronal signaling funded by DST.

I. Emerging self-sustained patterns of intercellular calcium waves in co-cultures of neurons and glia: An experimental investigation – DST WOS-A

The project has two components; (1) studying calcium dynamics in neuron-glia co cultures (2) studying the sequestration of calcium signaling proteins in lipid rafts. Redistribution or selective enrichment of calcium channels and exchangers in lipid rafts would corroborate the importance of these elements in the signal transduction pathways propagating calcium waves in the brain.

II. Investigating the regulation of cytokine profile in Muller glia by endocannabinoids

This study wants to focus on the role of the endocannabinoid system in Mueller cells in regulating cytokine release and their possible role in neuroprotection in the retina. This in turn may modulate the apoptotic loss of retinal neurons during inflammatory conditions.

III. Functional coupling in a glial syncytium: investigating the immuno-modulatory effects of myelin protein-challenge

In this project we have proposed to investigate the effects of myelin protein phagocytosis on intercellular communication which would enable us to identify factors/conditions responsible for role of glia in inflammatory conditions.