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Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists
External Quality Assessment Scheme (IAMM EQAS)
conducted at L &T Microbiology Research Center, Chennai, India.
Greetings from IAMM EQAS –SOUTH ZONE!!!

The attainment of quality service in a laboratory requires a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program which includes both Internal and External quality control material.

The L&T Microbiology Research Center, under the banner of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists (IAMM)) is conducting an External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) since 2007. The participants represent south zone of the states of India and also Srilanka. The participating laboratories include teaching and non-teaching hospital laboratories, government as well as private, small hospitals, private clinics and diagnostic centers.

It is a quarterly programme with 4Quality packages in a year (January, April, July and October) every year.. Those who wish to enroll their names during the middle of a cycle can do so by paying the same registration fee, but those who participate for atleast 3 QC programmes will get the participation certificates at the end of the year.

The basic operation involves preparation of The lyophilized culture vials are sealed, well packed in thick envelops and distributed through courier service or postal service to all the participating laboratories. Mailing is done on the second /third week of the months . The laboratories are requested to report on the QC packages . Evaluation of the report is based on . Evaluated quarterly reports are sent to each laboratory within 15 days after receiving the reports.

The EQA programme has created awareness among participants and proved to be a valuable exercise and the number of laboratories are steadily increasing every year.

This program is recognized by NABL accreditation PURPOSE by NABL in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 15189 :2012

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The External Quality Assessment System Programme under the banner of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist (IAMM - EQAS) programme is being conducted at L&T Microbiology Research Centre, Sankara Nethralaya Main Campus, Chennai from January 2007 onwards. The decision was taken during the general body meeting of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist (IAMM) at the annual congress of IAMM conference conducted in the year 2006 at Nagpur, India.

The programme involves distribution of for quality control packages to be sent during the months of January, April, July band October of every year. Each package consists of a 1) Direct smear for evaluation, 2) Culture for identification of a bacteria/fungal pathogen isolated from clinical specimens 3) Serological testing to be carried out bu the participant.

The reports sent by the participants are evaluated by the coordinators and sent back to the participants. Participation in minimum of 3 packages by the members is essential for receiving the participation certificate that is issued at the end of a cycle i.e.a year. The overakk performance of a participant is also communicated them. There are currently 569 members belonging to medical colleges, Medical institutions and private clinical laboratories in the programme.

The IAMM - EQAS PROGRAMME was bifurcated into South Zone and North Zone to cope up with the increasing number of participants enrolling for the programme Dr. Chand Wattal based at Sir Gangaram Hospital and Research Institution is conducting the EQAS programme independently at Northe Zone from January 2014 after getting the training from IAMM - EQAS centre based at L&T Microbiology Research Centre, Sankara Nethralaya Main Campus, Chennai for conducting the programme.

Participation in EQAS enables clinical laboratories to assess their status regarding the quality of techniques followed, skill of the laboratory staff. The participation in EQAS programme also is essential for getting National Accreditation Board for Laboratories certification (NABL).