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Sankara Nethralaya
Sankara Nethralaya

The absence of adequate eye care facilities has resulted in an almost negligible use of spectacles in rural India. Uncorrected refractive error — one of the major causes of blindness in India — if detected and corrected could give a fresh lease of life to individuals.

In 2003, Sankara Nethralaya collaborated with Essilor India Pvt Ltd to introduce an innovative and affordable eye care option for rural Indian states - India's first Mobile Refraction Van. This unique initiative was the brainchild of Sankara Nethralaya’s founder Dr. SS Badrinath and the then Managing Director of Essilor India Mr. B Jayanth.

The fully equipped mobile refraction van carries all instruments necessary to conduct a comprehensive eye examination and dispenses spectacles (except for compound astigmatism) at a very nominal cost in a matter of a few hours to patients at villages.

Today, the mobile refraction vans dispense spectacles to rural people in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and West Bengal. Since its launch in 2003, the mobile refraction van has dispensed …32789… spectacles to adults and children in all four States.